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Our Mission - Never Pay For Software Again!

  • Installations - Configurations - Solutions - Linux Operating Systems

  • Reuse Your New/Used Home/Office - Laptops - Desktops - Servers - Appliances

  • FREE Software - Robust - Secure - Multitasking - Fast - No More Viruses!

  • Businesses Who Switch Today WILL Save Tens of Thousands Yearly!

  • "Take Back" Complete Control Of Your Computing Experience Today!

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The Netsurfer V3 - Take back total control of your Internet Surfing experience! Linux is an incredibly FAST, fully capable, multitasking Operating System. An incredibly FAST, fully capable, multitasking Operating System. Send email securely, surf the net safely, remain productive with out fear of viruses, malware, spyware...

Internet Fanatic V2 - For the Graphic/Game User who requires advanced hardware specific needs. This configuration includes all the FREE Software the NetSurfer includes plus various 3d games we think you might like to try...

The Office User V2 - Geared towards the office user. Connect to various shared system(s), File and Printer Servers, Applications, CMS, Portals, Virtually, Remotely, or Stand-Alone. Linux also provides managers and users serious multitasking

The IDS Monitor V2 - This configuration is a tailored IDS/Notification system which keeps your system(s) safe from malicious probing which is known to take down workstations, and servers, and while doing so, leaving your data insecure and wide open...

The Safe V2 - This configuration is designed for locally or network attached storage of data. The idea is simple, backup or retrieve data in any event. Events like failing hard drives, accidental deletion, the list is insanely long just how you can lose data. However, with The Safe backing up your data there are no worries. The Safe simply keeps your data safe from prying eyes and is there to backup or restore entire systems, HR Files, Engineering Schematics, etc... All companies should have a backup plan, and part of this plan includes "off-site" data storing...

With your purchase(s) today you receive 30 Days FREE Support

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Centralized Solutions for the Office/Data-Center/Home User

Reuse/Purchase a New/Used system(s) from ANY popular Computer Retailer - Ship Directly, or Schedule a Local Pickup

Our configurations include 40,000+ Software Titles - 10's of 1000's more await your fingertips

FREE Popular Production Ready Alternative Programs to get you/office started in FREE Software Computing

Viruses do NOT effect Linux!  NO MORE "Anti-Virus, SpyWare, Adware, Malware" associated yearly costs!

"Every Household should have a Linux Computer to Surf the Net/Email/Download without Fear!"

A variety of options await those who switch to Linux today