Installation Process

Details Our Installation Process and Added Value. Linuxrealm tests your system(s) and offers a "30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee" on our configurations.



The Hardware

Linux Operating Systems are Secure, Fast, and Designed to Multi-task, including multiple Desktops,
almost any Hardware, and FREE Applications. A Linux OS runs best on a Newer systems; however, we
are quite confident any system you have will run faster than it's previous OS, and certainly be more secure.

This page will describe in detail the basic hardware requirements to fully appreciate the Linux Operating
System. Developers or "coders" are part of an Open Source Community of Engineers, Scientists, Programmers,
and Enthusiasts. These coders provide updates for FREE, and your Linux OS will automatically.

Preferred System Requirements for 2011

Basic suggested hardware:

Hard Drive 250-500 Gigabytes
CD/DVD/Blueray Drive 52x/8x/25x
Internal RAM 1-8 Gigabytes
Graphics/Video Card Nvidia - 128-500 Megabytes
CPU Type 32/64 bit - i3, i5, i7, Intel® 32, Intel® 64, AMD 64
Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x), Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology
Visit for details and specs.

Currently the newer systems at Dell, HP, CDW, all have "Intel i3 - i7 series 64 bit" CPU's now.
There are deals all day long online these days, so make sure you have at least a 64 bit CPU and
lots of Ram, and Nvidia Graphics. The rest you can play with the price more, but at least have
those 3 basic components to see a powerful presentation of Linux OS capabilities. Linux will
load on any computer you may currently possess, but if shopping for a newer system, do
consider the specs above to make your system a able to take advantage of virtual technologies,
which add even more functionality to your system(s).

Once Linux is loaded, and you try it for 30 days, we seriously doubt you will every use a different
operating systems again.

Driver support for: webcam, usb, hdmi, card reader, firewire, audio/sound card, mic, ethernet,
and wireless, and CD/DVD/Blueray drives. Printer support is easy - just plug it in and Print.

See the Service for a complete list.((link to url /Services))

Rising gas prices have raised Shipping costs, therefore, we prefer USPS. Package or Local Pick up
your system, and we will return your system(s) in original packing, saving you even more!

A good way to find a system is to visit huge Online Retailers, like: Dell, HP, CDW, EBAY, Amazon, and
Fryes Electronics. You can purchase a decently priced systems which includes 1-3 yr hardware
Warranty, and is probably the best way to purchase a system. LinuxRealm does NOT profit
from hardware sales, nor sell hardware. You, the consumer decides the price of your system
when you buy it from an OEM and saving you even more.

If during the process of Transition, LinuxRealm discovers a hardware failure, please refer
back to the OEM, or we will send it back for you. However, No Refunds to Shipping will be allowed.
If Local Pick UP, trip charge applies. Anytime hardware fails, the problem lies with the Manufacturer

Here are a few examples we may encounter:

1. You just purchased a laptop from Dell, and 24 days later, our LinuxRealm Transition Center receives your system finding out your laptop is DOA(Dead On Arrival).

2. We will notify you immediately, and simply ship it back for you. You may then
request another system from the OEM for hardware failure, who will then, at your
request, have Dell ship the new unit back to us. After 2-3 days we will ship your
system directly back to you if you chose the USPS option. Local pick up, we can
simply hand deliever once your replaced system passes our inspection and testing phase.

The nature of hardware is, sometimes it's DOA, so we mention it.

By placing a Configuration Order, your system(s), either new/used, Laptop, Desktop,
Server, Appliance will be installed and tested using the Ubuntu Linux Operating System.
Once your order is complete, you will receive USPS label(s) to print from your email.(2-4 hours).

Please send or request a Local PickUP for multiple systems, to our LinuxRealm Transition
Center located in Long Beach, California 90815. With in 2-3 days of arrival, we will install
and test your system with the most current stable Linux Operating System, make it look
pretty, then ship it back in the original packing.

When ordering, please specify how many system(s). You can save more money if you are
with in 20 miles of 90815 - local pick available, and we will refund $30.00 for each system
configuration purchased.