Our Services


CD-ROM installation

  • Installing Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edbuntu, Gnome/KDE per user preference


Hardware compatibility

  • Assessing hardware compatibility with Ubuntu.
  • Choosing the 32 or 64-bit versions of Ubuntu.
  • Configuring Ubuntu to use the system’s hardware.
  • Optimizing Ubuntu for Certified or Compatible hardware.
  • Configuration of supported peripherals.


Application selection

  • Recommendation on the specific packages to install for aparticular use.


Graphical desktop

  • Installing and configuring X and the graphical desktop.
  • Configuring new monitors or peripherals.
  • Optimizing X and setting up dual monitors.
  • X server and graphical desktop problem solving.


System booting

  • Setting up system to boot Ubuntu by default.


Advanced file-system setup

  • Recommending a specific partitioning scheme depending on the systems tasks.
  • Setting up Logical Volume Management, Encryption and RAID using the alternative installer.
  • Creating and formatting file systems so that they can be used by Ubuntu.



This covers the various programs that are supported as part of the
service. Linuxrealm LLC will help you to install, configure and use
the various applications.

Desktop environment

  • Configuring desktop preferences.
  • Customizing desktop look and feel.
  • Managing files and folders.
  • Adding and removing applications launchers or menu items.
  • Browsing network shares.


Web browser

  • Using and configuring the web browser.
  • Installing common plugins from Ubuntu repositories such as Flash.
  • Configuring the browser for live bookmarks.



  • Install and assist configuring the default email clients.
  • Sending and receiving email.
  • Setting up email filtering and anti-spam.


Movies and music

  • Using and configuring music and video players.
  • Installing proprietary commercially supported codecs.


Digital pictures

  • Setting up cameras for use with Ubuntu.
  • Configuring applications to import images.
  • Creating and editing photo albums.


Office applications

  • Creating word processed documents, spreadsheets or presentations.
  • Configuring the office applications.
  • Basic templates and inserting multimedia content.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving application issues.
  • Does not include advanced usage such programming macros.



  • Using default desktop games.
  • Installing games from Ubuntu repositories.



      • Per request install and configure specific education applications and games.
  • Configuring education applications for children’s use.
  • Configuring the desktop environment for particular age groups.


Digital art

  • Installing digital art and graphics applications.



  • Installing instant messaging, Internet voice and video conferencing.
  • Configuring for major service providers.


Personal accounting

  • Installing and setting up the personal accounting application.
  • Integrating with supported electronic banking accounts.



Configuration covers the general configuration, management and
maintenance activities that are needed to keep your Ubuntu system
running smoothly.

Wireless Internet

Wireless hardware driver detection and configuration.

  • Wireless networking setup.
  • Internet configuration and access.
  • Wireless roaming setup and configuration.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving networking or Internet access problems.



  • Configuring sound to work with detected sound card.
  • Sound configuration for specific applications.
  • Debugging and resolving sound issues.



  • Installing software drivers for the graphical Ubuntu desktop.
  • Installing third-party proprietary software drivers for advanced video effects where Ubuntu recommends it.
  • Configuring the graphics or monitor setup for advanced video effects.
  • Configuring and optimizing the graphics setup for dual-monitors.



  • Installing a serial or USB printer.
  • Configuring to print to a network printer.
  • Configuring Ubuntu printing options.
  • Resolving printer problems such as driver configuration.


System support

  • Configuring Ubuntu system components.
  • Common configuration such as user and group management.
  • Optimizing performance of Ubuntu.
  • Problem identification, assessment and bug reporting.
  • Providing a work-around or complete resolution.



  • Installing an appropriate backup application.
  • Configuring and deploying a backup system.
  • Restoring from backups previously taken.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving backup or restore problems.


Updates and upgrades

  • Installing security or critical fix updates.
  • Undertaking upgrades between Ubuntu releases.


Hardware management

  • Configuring Certified and Compatible systems, devices and peripherals.
  • Removing hardware and reconfiguring Ubuntu.
  • Optimizing Ubuntu performance with specific hardware.
  • Debugging and resolving hardware issues.


Desktop security

  • Installing the appropriate firewall application and kernel support.
  • Configuring the firewall to protect and alert against external intrusion.
  • Checking for compromise and recovering the system from backup following a security breach.