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Linuxrealm Support will guide you on how to attain free support after your "FREE 30 Days Support" Offering

- Simply browse and search 100,000's of documents and answers at NO COST - 24/7
- Open a  Community Support Ticket - 24/7
- FREE Support means you can find the answer quickly or volunteers will in few hours or days
- Keyword searches on work quickly and are extremely useful
- Being part of the community means, you have access to everything the community does

FREE Support can also be found at:
or on "IRC" Freenode Chat Servers, Mailing Lists, Web-Forums. Live Support Chat is detailed in
your 30 FREE days

Linuxrealm wishes all users on the planet to use Linux with our help or by themselves. It matters not!
We fully believe in FREE information, operating systems, and software; this is why we provide links
and information for services we have found useful, and to those who need extra help.
We understand computing is hard enough, and wish to reduce the pain with FREE support
via the community for which this is all about.

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If you wish to purchase yearly or multiple contracted support visit our Store

If you wish to discuss more about support, simply email us:

Contracted Support enables you to search and browse community document, as well as, and
more importantly, have access to Live Support as well access to:
Lanscape is cutting edge automated support option provided by
This type of Support uses an automated system approach to monitor your systems,
and utilize in depth solutions for basic  to advanced computing. Check it out!

For additional or immediate Support - consider purchasing Contracted Support
In no time you will be able to find the answers yourself, and sometimes you need some
extra help, as we do from time to time, however, we typically offer Contracted Paid Support
as we also realize everyone isn't fully trained in computing, thus, we must offer it.

For Contracted Yearly Support, you will be issued a "HotLine" for all requests or simply use email.
Look for emails from and check your spam filters to allow it through.
They will explain how your contract works.

All "paid" contracted support will be directed to Canonical Ubuntu Desktop,
Canonical Ubuntu Server, Canonical Ubuntu Cloud, or Canonical Ubuntu Enterprise Support
queues dependent on the type of Support Contract you purchase today.

Currently our only supports Desktop purchased support, however,
please to contact us directly for Enterprise Support information and guidance.

Comprehensive Enterprise, Office, or Home Desktop Support is always available

If you are considering purchasing support, and wish to contact us directly, please do. We do not
wish for you to purchase something you are not fully aware of how it works.

For Example; 1 Desktop Support Contract from can be used up to
5 computers can share one support contract!  We wouldn't want you to over spend on something
conceptually new with out advising you first! Talk about honesty! Consider the savings your
going to make with Linuxrealm.

*** Additional FREE Support ***

Our DocsAndLinks page is updated often, and will include "the basics" to get you started like:
Email and Wireless Setup, and constantly updated stream of "Howto's".

Additional information or Inquires email: or contact us directly
(562) 507-1375 from 7am - 7pm Pacific

We offer the lowest cost support anywhere on the planet!

Keep in mind, Community is what this is all about, and you are now part of the Linux Community
empowering you to contribute your experience, research, and findings for the greater good -
FREE Support is always available via our Community Links page, and of course
to find more FREE Support!

The possibilities are endless with Linux and LinuxRealm

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